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The Pathological Body: European Literary and Cultural Perspectives in the Age of Modern Medicine (Open Library of Humanities)

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Françoise Campbell

Doubling, Decay and Discontinuity: Pathology and the (Post)Human Body in Marie Darrieussecq’s Notre vie dans les forêts

Kit Yee Wong

Illness, Aesthetics, and Body Politics: Forging the Third Republic in Émile Zola’s La Faute de l’abbé Mouret

Marta Arnaldi

Contagious Otherness: Translating Communicable Diseases in the Modern Italian and Francophone Novel

Katharine Murphy

The Contagious Effects of Rural Violence: Social Pathologies and Injured Bodies in Blasco Ibáñez’s La barraca (The Cabin)

James Illingworth

The Cataleptic Novel: Living on with George Sand