Recording of talks

Seven of the talks have been recorded and posted online

The running order of the speakers is:

James Illingworth (5:23)

George Sand, Sickness, and the Body Politic, 1870–71

Şima İmşir (28:43)

Ottomans’ Zola: Limits of Naturalism and Social Darwinism in Turkish Literature

Damian Catani (54:00)

Louis-Ferdinand Céline’s Tragic Hero: Philippe Ignace Semmelweis

Caragh Wells (1:19:50)

The Anxious Male Body in Post-War Spanish Culture

Françoise Campbell (1:50:34)

Doubling, Dissection and Discontinuity: The Transhuman Subject and Bodily Decay in Marie Darrieussecq’s Notre vie dans les forêts

Marta Arnaldi (2:12:13)

From Illness to Healing: Therapeutic Translation in Contemporary Italian Women’s Poetry

Robert Craig (2:30:00)

Learning from Psychiatry?: Alfred Döblin Between Medicine and Literature